Mind Frame

Are you part of the 85%?

What is Mind Frame?

  • 85% of the population uses a different way of learning.
  • Only 15% of the population excels at processing information verbally or logically.
  • Intelligence has traditionally been measured by how well you read, write and solve math problems. 85% of us use other ways to learn to excel!

What Does Mind Frame Do for You?

  • We identify which Mind Frames you use to learn and communicate with others! In addition, we analyze your personal motivation.
  • The Mind Frame Talent Key provides a pathway to success using your results to help you understand your behavior and develop strategies to accomplish your objectives.
  • We help educators maximize the performance of their teachers and students, we help business leaders maximize their human capital.

Why use Mind Frame?

  • Understanding how people communicate and learn is key for an organization to attain its objectives.
  • We believe that all individuals have the potential to excel.
    The Talent Key will give them the tools to enhance their performance and better contribute to the organization’s success.
  • People learn and communicate using different methods. The Mind Frame Talent Key identifies your learning and communication pathways.