Mind Frame

Research has identified 7 different domains or areas of the brain used to solve problems, learn and communicate. These are called intelligences and all individuals use these capacities to some degree. The Mind Frame Talent Key pinpoints your dominant intelligences and how you uniquely think and communicate.


Howard Gardner began the study of Multiple Intelligences at the Harvard Medical Center with research on stroke victims. He discovered that people with the same brain damage reacted differently and were capable of different information processing, behavior and skills.

From this research came the theory of Multiple Intelligences.

Multiple Intelligences theory is explained in more detail in Gardner’s books: Frames of Mind – The Theory of Multiple Intelligences, 1983 and Multiple Intelligences – New Horizons, 2006

The Professors at Mind Frame developed an assessment that can measure how an individual processes information and provides a report that explains their Intelligence Profile. Their Intelligence Profile explains which Intelligences they use predominantly and those that are used to a lessor degree. Their dominant intelligences dictate not only how they process information but has an impact on their behavioral tendencies.

The assessment also measures a person’s motivation index. How a person is motivated combined with their Intelligence profile is a powerful tool in understanding that individual’s behavior and skills.