Mind Frame

Improves comprehension, retention, engagement, learning and results.


Mind Frame helps people understand their Multiple Intelligences Profile. This understanding does the following:

  • Gives the students/trainees the tools to understand how they process information
  • Gives them the ability to recognize when material is being presented in an intelligence that is not to their strengths
  • Gives them the tools to translate the material in a way that allows them to process it successfully
  • Gives the teacher/instructor tools necessary to present material in Multiple Intelligences and to successfully reach the vast majority of their students
  • Reduces anxiety, frusteration and boredom
  • Improves attitudes and the enjoyment of learning
  • Improves grades
  • Improves graduation rates and reduces the dropout rates
  • Increases the likelihood of true behavioral change
  • Greatly decreases the time to effectiveness
  • Reduces errors and thereby reduces costs
• Improves the rating and image of the school/business
  • With the collection and analysis of the intelligence profiles and some additional data Mind Frame can identify and predict (with an accuracy rate of greater than 85%) the students that are at risk of dropping out.